Forklift Sales in Tempe, AZ

Are you trying to find a great price on a high quality new or used forklift for sale in Tempe, Arizona? is the best place to find all types of forklifts for sale in Tempe, AZ, while helping you save time and money in the process. With you'll find the top Tempe forklift dealers that are known for offering high quality forklift sales in Tempe, Arizona at great prices. No matter what make or type of forklift you are looking to purchase in Tempe, can help.

Types of Forklifts For Sale in Tempe, AZ

Finding great prices on Tempe forklift sales used to seem impossible, but now it's easy thanks to You'll find it all right here on, including:

  • Warehouse Forklift Sales in Tempe, Arizona
  • Rough Terrain Forklift Sales in Tempe, AZ
  • Electric Forklift Sales in Tempe, Arizona
  • Telehandler Sales in Tempe, AZ

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a New Forklift in Tempe?

Brand new, electric forklift sales in Tempe cost around $15,000 to more than $30,000. Internal combustion forklift sales in Tempe are slightly more expensive and should cost around $20,000 to more than $40,000. Large capacity forklifts can cost over $100,000.

Used Forklifts for Sale in Tempe - How Much Do They Cost?

You should expect to pay around $5,000 to $15,000 or even more for a used forklift for sale in Tempe. Pricing depends on the condition and lift capacity.

**Pricing for both new and used forklift sales in Tempe primarily depends on the lift capacity that you want. Heavy duty forklifts with high lift capacities cost significantly more than standard warehouse forklifts.

Get prices on forklifts for sale in Tempe, Arizona by calling one of the forklift dealers in Tempe listed above, or by filling out the quick contact form.

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Tempe Forklifts For Sale

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Top Forklift Brands in Tempe

  • Case
  • Clark
  • Crown
  • Hyster
  • Jungheinrich
  • Komatsu
  • Linde
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Yale